Saturday when I packed my bags to head to Liv’s disco party I had to put together an outfit for our day spa adventure, organised by the team at Blog Power events, yesterday. I packed two outfits, this one and a peplum, stripe skirt thing that I’d planned to wear if I could be bothered to suck in all day. HA. It turned out yesterday was not one of those days. So I opted for this one. Casual cool thanks to a long line tee and ponte pants {leggings as pants basically}.

I wasn’t in it for long anyway. As soon as I arrived in my rather shabby condition {tired, a wee bit hung over and sporting some seriously teased hair} I was ushered into a room to change into my robe. What followed made these photos possible, the team at Beautiful You Hair, Nails & Spa made me human again. From head to toe. Thank goodness for that.

The hair is probably my favourite, though the makeup is pretty darn amazing too. There’s just nothing better than a nice treatment followed by a blow dry. Hello flickable and silky smooth hair. A far cry from the teased, poofy ponytail I’d arrived with. Thank goodness for these woman. It was the perfect end to the MOST perfect weekend.

Best time since my birthday party in March! Seriously. Awesome. Now shhhh, getting back to work today is going to hurt my brain. I’m sure. And I just don’t bounce back from late nights and over indulgences like I used to. Let’s not talk about the probable relationship to my advancing years, shall we? HA. Now if only I had the gorgeous team here to get me ready today!

plus size casual outfit floral blazer-10

plus size casual outfit floral blazer-2

plus size casual outfit floral blazer-9

plus size casual outfit floral blazer-8

plus size casual outfit floral blazer

Jacket – Autograph {size 18}
Tee – ASOS Curve {size AU20}
Necklace – Lovisa
Pants – Target {size 22 gifted}
Shoes – Target {gifted}


Seriously, best jacket ever!

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