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It wasn’t that long ago that an email dropped into my inbox from a budding fashion designer named Christine Kardashian. It caught my attention immediately, assuming that someone was errr, pulling my leg. It turned out no one was pulling anything. Christine is a PR queen turned fashion designer with her ‘in between’ range of clothes. Not long after that email Christine and I chatted about the samples she had arriving for her new range and what my thoughts were moving forward.

It turns out this lady works FAST because her first capsule collection is now available online, sized to fit an Australian 12-18. The in-betweeners! Those ladies who are too big for some offerings from mainstream stores and too small for the majority of clothes on offer from plus size stores. I feel their pain but I am firmly a plus size girl. So how did I end up conducting this review for Christine when I am a size 20/22? Well it turns out that thanks to some generous sizing and the fabric used that it didn’t entirely rule me out.

The sizing did rule me out when it came to the wide leg pants, but let me tell you, come hell or high water I WILL fit those pants because I have been SEARCHING for high waisted, side zipped, wide legged pants for almost 6 years now. SIX YEARS. Hold me. I held these pants in my hot little hands and prayed. Please let them fit. PLEASE by some miracle let them fit! They didn’t. Gah. But then, I’m not a size 18 either. The structure tailoring of these gorgeous pants are more true to size.

But this post is about the harem pants. I just had to rein myself in there for a minute. I was starting to go way off on a tangent. So yes, the harem pants are a lightweight stretch crepe like material. Although firm when I first put them on they gave nicely and ended up a beautiful fit. A little snug across my hips in some places due to the heavy weight, encased elastic waistband. Considering I was at least 1 full size bigger than the guide, it wasn’t bad at all. Check them out for yourself.

plus size harem pants by Christine Kardashian 004

plus size harem pants by Christine Kardashian 007

plus size harem pants by Christine Kardashian 005

plus size harem pants by Christine Kardashian 009

I wore these pants for work and then went out to lunch with a girlfriend straight after. With the simple singlet under the light weight blazer and heels, this is a simple, comfortable and very classic outfit. Right up my alley, if I do say so myself. More and more I find myself sticking to classic styling, classic pieces and a pop of colour with lots of neutrals. Black being my favourite. Part of my is crying out for it to be winter again so I can whip out more black and some gorgeous dark floral I’m seeing in shops everywhere. These pants are going to feature heavily, I can tell. After all, I’ve almost worn the bum out of my cropped harem pants. 6 months of hard wear will do that to pants.

These pants retail at $145 a pair. At first, like a true bargain shopper I baulked a little at the price. I’m sure some of you will too. Those of you at least who have never shopped at the likes of Cue and Witchery. Once I thought about it the range is pretty much on par with the suiting and tailored items from a collection like that. High quality Australian Made items with classic styling, they are made to be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

plus size harem pants by Christine Kardashian 002

plus size harem pants by Christine Kardashian 006

plus size harem pants by Christine Kardashian 008

plus size harem pants by Christine Kardashian 011

The range incorporates flowing silk blouses, peplum tops, the wide leg pants I mentioned above and a gorgeous pantsuit that makes me reconsider all the bad things I’ve ever said about all-in-ones. And if you like jackets, wait until you see the cropped beauties on offer. The colours, the classic styling; knock me over with a feather they are gorgeous. But that my friend is another story for another day. Finally, a big thank you Christine Kardashian for the opportunity to review her new label. I’m so happy to see another strong Australian brand doing so well.

plus size harem pants by Christine Kardashian 001

Harem Pants by Christine Kardashian $145 {size 4}

To shop the entire range head over to www.christinekardashian.com

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