I mentioned in a post last week that I’d had my hair cut and showed off some pics. I mentioned then that there was more to say about all that. Some of you had concerns about if this was brought on by a big life change or something of that ilk. Sorry to freak you out, it’s nothing like that. It wasn’t anything deep; it’s hair, I change it as often as I can to reinvent myself, and I’m not afraid to be drastic when I feel like it.

My hair at its ratty finest was in desperate need of a chop. The ombre colouring and switch from red to ombre to brown had done the damage along with my friend the chlorinated pool. It was time when a work colleague asked if I had dyed the ends green this time. But alas Kylie Jenner I am not, I was a victim of my slackness. It was time. So I called in a pro, my cousin Bec. I even went to the salon she is working in one day a week easing her way back to work as her three boys trudge onwards to full-time schooling. Too soon, much too soon by the way.

There was a time my hair was pretty much always shorter than it was long. Then I forgot all about getting a cut here and there, I passed on the trim in lieu of getting back to work on time and hey presto, long hair! It wasn’t a decision I made t just happened. And don’t get me wrong, I liked it! Long flippy hair is cool. Sexy as hell too, right? But it’s hair. That’s it. And that’s what I wanted to say.

If you want to change your hair. If you want to cut it, crop it, dye it, change it, or shave it all off. You should do it. And can we for a minute give a shout out to my cousin and her mad skills, please!? Great cut, thanks Bec. Crushed it.


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