I have some news. It might be bad. Or it might be like the whole end of the millennium thing and be nothing. But in case it’s something this is my official warning to you. LOADS of you first started reading this blog via my blogger blog. This could mean that come March 1st when Google takes back control of the Google Friend Connect thing you might not get my posts in your feed any more.

I know, I know. Stop panicking. No really. I said STOP PANICKING. Right? have you pulled yourself together? There are some simple things you can do to make sure this doesn’t happen. First click on the RSS button below the giant photo of my head on the sidebar there. It will pop up a page that gives you a whole world of options to subscribe to the feed {what they call posts in feed world}. You can choose Google or any other reader, even email.

As an option I have a post email delivered by MailChimp. If you think THIS would suit you better, click HERE and fill out the form. Posts will be delivered daily in the morning. No mess, no fuss. Simple. You’ll also receive the Suger News newsletter.  Ok! Got all that? Feel sorted? Thanks so much for your time. I freak out a little myself just thinking of you not getting the posts. So thanks for hanging in there with me. For more information about what the heck is going on out there read this VERY fun post over at Danimezza by Liz from Lizosaurus. Just don’t let the kitten confuse you.

Freak out. Over and out.

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