I shared that I was awkward the other day and the awkward amongst us said me too! Together we get to celebrate our weird. Those unique things which make up our personality. But are you celebrating you for all you are? The acknowledgement of them and owning of them is one thing, to celebrate them is something else altogether.

Celebrating what makes you you that’s the sturdy foundation of confidence in my books. And hey presto I’ve thought of something to help you do that because there’s freedom in that. When you accept yourself for who you are, then you make decisions based on who you are and no one can mess with that. You can finally breathe out and say phew, I’m okay. Heck, I’m more than okay, I’m AWESOME.

*everything is awesome; everything is cool…* Damn you Lego Movie.

I was at a conference once. It was personal development related and my buttons were being pushed all day. I can still remember the trickle of sweat, that one single bead, slipping down my back as the panic rose in my chest. Keeping my weird under wraps was exhausting. People around me seemed so normal, so together… Soooo nothing like me.

I’ve talked before about leaving the networking event and bursting into tears. About the fear and the panic, I had then when surrounded by people. The truth behind that is that I didn’t like myself much then. Speaking in public and being with people, something that comes out me easily now, was my worst nightmare. Something happened in the middle there. In highschool, you couldn’t shut me up.

On my way out, I ran into one of the speakers at the course. She saw I was upset and stopped me. She told me there was nothing to fear from other people. That I needed to stop being so afraid and show people who I really was. All of me. That night I realised that I was terrified of being seen for who I was and who I wasn’t. In all areas of my life, there was a fear of being discovered, revealed for this flawed human I was.

But it turns out that I wasn’t alone. I had never been alone in my whole life when I took the time to look around me. Funny that. There are plenty of folks out there who are afraid to be themselves and show people who they really are. Weirdness and all. Weirdness especially! Maybe you are one of them. Maybe you’ve been one of them. Today we celebrate all we are instead of all that.

Today we are celebrating our weirdness.

And you don’t just get to sit there, nod and smile and say that’s lovely Suger, there’s something for you to do. I’m asking you to celebrate your weird. I literally want to see it. If there’s a photo, a blog post, a status update or anything else you can share that demonstrates YOUR own personal brand of weird I want to see it.

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