Oh weekends my favourite little suckers. How I adore you. I adore that I can skip the heels if I want to, dress down when I want, and generally just be lazy. Ahhh lazy. My favourite past-time on weekends. Give me movies, somewhere comfy to sit and I’m all set. This outfit is one I’ve worn to work before {ironed} with a little more emphasis on hair and make-up. It works in all arenas because let’s face it, navy, cream and tan is a classic combo.

Navy and tan, how I love thee, let me count the ways…

Or not. Whatever. But suffice to say that I am a big fan of this colour combination. The only issue I have is that I can never EVER find a decent pair of shoes in a matching navy. I’ve looked. Once I thought I had found the only to find that once outside the shoes were sort of a blue toned black. Sigh. Navy shoes would complete me. Hook me up if you find any would you please.

Until then, let’s have a little chuckle at my lazy Sunday self.

plus size navy stripe casual outfit-4

plus size navy stripe casual outfit-5

Shirt – Best & Less
Skirt – Virtu
Belt – ASOS Curve {2010}
Bag – Autograph Fashion {2012}
Flip flops – Kmart

Oh dear Lord, someone buy this girl an iron. Or better yet, volunteer to iron her shirts. 


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