These are green jeans, my friends. A normal leg and rolled up by me because they were just a bit unflattering on me without it. I love them for the colour and almost disregard the fit. Have you ever done that? Love something so much you figured you would wear it anyway, or alter it if worst came to worst? Well I do it often enough, let me tell YOU. It’s not a good habit to get into. It makes for a badly fitting wardrobe. But still, these are cute cuffed, don’t you think? And the colour, well, it’s just gorgeous. But despite all that, I have these in a pile of clothes I am planning to give away/sell. I’m breaking old habits. Go me.

Featuring in these images is the one and only necklace from TS14+ you guys loved so much last time. They stock this one in yellow and purple and I’ve been meaning to get the purple since I picked up the yellow and just didn’t get around to it. Fail, on my behalf, this is all kinds of amazing. I wear it as often as I can. It is light weight and sits comfortably around my neck {a big thing for me because I HATE annoying necklaces} thanks to an easy wear strap behind the beads. You can see it in these photos because my hair is up. If you can count this windswept look as UP.

Do you even recognise me any more without a full face of make-up? Well this day Hubby and I were out and about doing errands and shopping and such. Make-up was on but not ON like photo shoot on. But the light was nice, the outfit was bright and I figured, heck, why not!? Right. Oh yeah, and I’m looking into the sun, heck the attractive face I’m pulling in just about every photo. Never mind, it just goes to show that sometimes, you just have to get the photo and get over yourself a bit. It can be a bit of an exercise in being up yourself, having a blog like mine. Taking, editing and sharing photos of myself. A squinting in the sun photo every now and again keeps my feet on the ground instead of up my own ass. HA.

Do you wear coloured jeans/pants? How often?

Jacket – Autograph {Similar}

Top – Bonds

Necklace – TS14+

Jeans – Avella for BigW

Wedges – KMart

{some brand associations apply, please see disclosure policy}

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