Carly Findlay, ladies and gentleman, is someone you must get to know. Hence, she’s here showing you all what she’s got in this week’s Friends of Suger – Your Style post. I first found Carly’s blog through Twitter. Last year we exchanged some tweets at Blogopolis while she and Lori hid in the corner being shushed for being naughty! Gosh I laughed. Now Carly has a lot going on at the moment but the most envious is an upcoming overseas holiday to end all holiday. Let’s hope it does nothing to impede her style, shall we. Check it out…

I have a floordrobe, two wardrobes and a bedrobe. Lots of clothes! I dress for comfort and style – i want to be warm and protected from the weather while still looking fab.

My style is dresses and layers and colour and pretty accessories. Dresses are easy to layer and dress up or down, and they are more comfy than jeans. I love simple statement jewellery – nothing too flashy, though I did treat myself to a Tiffany necklace which I adore (stars and sapphires). I like to buy brooches and cute accessories from craft markets or Etsy.

I buy many of my clothes from Target and Temt, but like to splash out on Portmans and Cue when they have sales.

I just bought some lavender skinnies from Dotti and I cannot wait to wear them – it took me ages to find the perfect pair of purple skinny jeans at a good price. I am also loving stripes at the moment, and desperately want some grey and navy striped tops, but I’ve been good and saved my pennies for my big overseas trip at the end of June.

Dressing well makes me feel good. When I step out wearing my favourite dress, I feel confident and beautiful, and feel I can tackle anything.

Carly Findlay lives in Melbourne. She’s a blogger and writer, community TV presenter and lover of cooking, live music, fashion and Darren Hayes. She’s about to embark on her first overseas trip to the UK and USA. So. Freaking. Excited. Carly blogs at Tune into Radio Carly and tweets at @carlyfindlay

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