I was 14, maybe 15 when I first saw her. Even as a child she was beautiful. Blonde, and smart and lovely. She was {and still is, derrr} Aimee. She was a friend of my brother and cousin who are the same age. Through the years she was always around. High school ended and I didn’t see much of her. My brother and cousin stayed in touch. It turns out I didn’t see her often because she was off creating a fabulous life. Travelling, getting married and living a full life. You know, as they do. Why am I taking you on this little walk down memory lane?

Because this afternoon my brother asked if I would share the link to their house for rent. You see. Aimee and her husband are heading overseas for 6 months to Kenya and Uganda volunteering for Living Water Developments. These bright shiny beautiful people are also doing their bit to help the world. Trust me. I know how freakin’ annoying that sounds, but trust me, these people are too nice to not like them. People, I’m sure, have tried and failed.

So. in the interest of using my blog for good and not evil. I’m asking for your help. Do you know anyone who might like 6 months on the sunshine coast? For more information about the house, please click here. I would appreciate it if you could share this post, or the link to house with anyone you think might be interested. If you would like to follow along on Aimee’s journey, you can find her at her blog {trained journalist, they ALL have blogs, what can I say!?}. I know I will be.

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