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We were invited to the premiere Brisbane performance of Cavalia by the same company that secured us media passes for Ovo. I said yes immediately, even Hubby took little convincing. We had been so very impressed by Ovo we were still raving about it long after it left Brisbane. We kept our fingers firmly crossed that Cavalia would be the same. A big white tent was erected, the horses unloaded and the rain started and felt like it would never stop.

But the show went on and I’m glad it did.

What an amazing display. WOW. Richard Wilkins described it as the best show he had ever seen. For us, it was certainly up there and we have seen a few. At half time we were still talking past shows, waiting to be really wowed. Being farm kids, Hubby and I understand the relationship, the skill that is required to work with horses in the way they did and the beauty of the horses. But it felt a little slow going. Like any show, I suppose, the first half spends a lot of time creating the characters and the story, then BAM.

The second half opened with a bang {literally} and we were off. The second half of the show was everything we hoped for and more. Apparently subtle relationships aren’t enough for us, we want clowning, laughs, flips, tricks and loud noises. And rodeo tricks, don’t forget those. We never claimed to be all that cultured. Ha. When the show ended and we joined a packed audience on our feet to cheer the amazing cast. In awe, with our mouths open like children, we clapped and clapped until there was no one left to clap.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

So what does one wear to see Cavalia in the big white tent in Brisbane? On a rainy and humid night, having organised to go to dinner with some fabulous ladies and their gents prior? Well I wore stripes, of course. A navy and maroon stripe dress I picked up from ASOS that I’m pretty much in love with. The colour HAS faded a little already after only 3 wears, which isn’t cool, but that’s the price you pay when you buy an item for $30 instead of spending more.

I paired it with black accessories because I just don’t have any navy, but I think it works. I was thinking that I may give tan a go too… That might be interesting. the dress itself was cool enough to manage the humidity and the Indian Curry heat, without making me feel too hot. I added the jacket on and off throughout the night. We got rained on during our trek across the car park to the venue, so I was glad I had it. I think it does something to tie it all together anyway.

asos curve stripe dress with ankle boots 002

asos curve stripe dress with ankle boots 008

asos curve stripe dress with ankle boots 006

asos curve stripe dress with ankle boots 001

asos curve stripe dress with ankle boots 005

asos curve stripe dress with ankle boots 007

Dress – ASOS Curve
Boots – Autograph Fashion {2012}
Jacket – Autograph Fashion {2011}

asos curve stripe dress with ankle boots 004

What would you wear? Are you planning to go and see Cavalia?

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