This week’s Friend of Suger is the funky chicky Caitlin who blogs over at Closet Confessions about her style. So who better to share their style with you lovely Suger readers than her? Cait was one of my roomies for Blogopolis 2011 and while I was staying with Danimezza last year I cameoed at her 21st black and white theme party {so cool!}. No matter if she’s out and about at uni, dressed up to the nines or crashed out sound asleep in a motel bed, this girl has style. Check it OUT.

I’m not really sure where my style evolved from. I remember distinct things or people that have inspired me, but my fashion has never really stuck to any clear trends or styles. Sure, I have gone through phases and some of them cringe-worthy, but I all-in-all, I love the way I dress.

When I take inspiration, I gather from all parts of the world. I wear pieces that I collect from vintage stores, op shops; I often wonder their history and who wore them before me. I wear online retailers and Australian designers. I love wearing something made or designed in Australia. I love representing Australian fashion. I get a thrill out of wearing collections designed for the Australian plus-sized woman. It’s a good feeling; to represent your country in fashion. But I most certainly love a bargain; and with a student budget anything that saves a coin or two makes me feel frugal & fashionable.

Looking at my wardrobe, it’s full of black, white and sequins. I love faux fur, I love colour, I love faux leather. If I could afford it, I’d own real leather too. I love the hard cut of a cropped leather jacket, the shimmer of a sequin vest and the sway that feathers make when you dance. I love sheer and polka dots and I most certainly adore stripes. Recently I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve been trying colours, florals, feminine pieces, jumpsuits. I’ve dipped my toe into wearing more colour. My fashion is as eclectic as I am, but I’m still no stranger to jeans and a tee. I wear what I feel comfortable in.

But I think style is something that radiates from within. Even the most beautiful woman needs to have an inner style. For me, I gained my ‘style’ when I first realised I could be beautiful at any size. I didn’t need to be stick thin, I could be happy and love myself. It was the moment I looked at myself in the mirror and pulled on a sequined vest and a swipe of lippie and thought that I looked fabulous. And then I blogged about it and I haven’t looked back since.

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