I find it difficult sometimes to carry my camera around and use it. It was the reason I originally went to a compact SLR. I wanted it to be light weight, easy to handle and something I could pull out in public and not feel like a crazy blogger person whipping my giant camera out. But, it turns out I AM a crazy blogger person and the size of the camera won’t change that. So today when I went to lunch with my friend Jase and talked his ear off the whole time {especially talking over him, I am excellent at interrupting, sorry dude} I took my camera.

I’m trying to be myself, you see. The very best me.

Because if I’m not me, who then would I be?

Right Dr Suess.  

I snapped away, talked at him a little more, asked his advice then got so excited I cut him off again and that’s the way lunch went until lunch was over. But I had done it. No iPhone photos for me this time. I had whipped out my new Nikon 5100 and grabbed some shots. I even stood up and took the photos of my food from above. I think that may have been going too far. Trust me to overdo it. How very me indeed.

Anyway, as you will see below lunch was amazing. Our comfy bench seats were right in front of the display cabinet showing off the amazing sweeties they make on site. It was almost enough to turn a sugar free girl to the dark side, let me tell you. They were gorgeous, delicate, intricate things of beauty. Plus the coffee was awesome. You just can’t argue with good coffee. Yum yum.

So if that was lunch, I had it.

The end.

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