When I write I like noise. Background noise though not noise that goes along the lines of Melissa, Melissa, hey, what you doing. Oi, Melissa this thing happened… Hey Melissa..! Sooo, cafe’s are my favourite place to work. Ridiculously cliché, I know. This morning I dropped my car off for its first service {they grow up so fast} at 8am. Perfect I thought tossing the laptop in the car. Excellent I pondered as I shoved the iPad in my oversized hand bag. I’d let my back up posts slip and this was my chance.

Plus I’m writing a few guest posts at the moment and an article for the Gympie Women magazine. The magazine article involves discussing how when I was growing up I couldn’t have guessed that I would be a blogger and a social media consultant, of sorts. Heck. I didn’t have MySpace. I’m looking forward to writing it. What would you say do you think?

SO I’m sitting here, having asked for what I wanted and received it. Writing on a Friday because my 20 hours for the week are up. There’s a lot to be said for getting yourself in a position to do the things you love. It’s a bit like an exercise in frugal living and smart choices. Not that you would guess looking at the shiny car and near new home that we are frugal. Perhaps a better word is streamlined. No excess rubbish, only the essentials {for us}.

And so we can afford to do the things we want to. And sure, it would probably be different if we had children. necessary expenses etc. But in all honesty, I’m not sure it would be. I’m not sure that the things most people see as essential fodder to raise a child as anything but excess. Maybe I’m wrong. That’s the advantage of it just being theoretical.

And right this second I have just realised that I am supposed to be writing a few things and here I am waffling on. I’m going to sign off and ask you to take a look at the non-essential things you buy that are keeping you trapped somewhere you don’t want to be. Because if I had a dollar for everyone who said to me, you’re so lucky to get to work part time, I would be a wealthy woman.

So just look, would you Sugers, and see.

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