Ladies and gentleman. Boys and girls. Sugers of all ages. Step right up and view the future of images for Suger Coat It!

Inspired by Dani’s amazing Christmas present I’m getting a new camera. I wanted the compact and versatile’ness of it. I wanted the video {maybe you’ll get a second Vlog one of these days}. I wanted how fast it is. And love the images it can take. It’s the Nikon 1 J1. And it’s beautiful. Don’t you think. Sigh.

My old camera will have a good home with my brother and his family. So it will continue to capture amazing photos of Arleigh for years to come. I’m sad to see it go. It really was beautiful.

BUT. Onwards and upwards. Those seeing me at events for the next little bit best get your smiles ready! I’m going to be taking A LOT of photos. Haha.

And notice it said buying. That’s because I’ll be parting with cash for this camera. No review. No contact from Nikon. Nothing. I’m a fan. A mad fan. Just so you know. Full disclosure and all.  

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