My facebook page sort of got spammed the other night in the best possible sense of the word, off topic a link to a plus-size fashion retailer was dropped into the conversation by a raving fan of the brand. That’s ok with me, sure we were talking about something else entirely but whatever. I like stuff. So I popped over to check it out. I was knocked on my butt. WOW.

Then I went back to the post I was writing and the moderating I was doing and that was the end of it for a moment. I had big plans to pin the heck out of the page in the near future BUT there was work to be done. Then ping! Facebook message. I really must turn that thing off. I go back into my page and the designer and owner is in my inbox introducing herself and the brand. We chat back and forwards, I ask for pictures to share and she offers to post me a surprise {yay for me!}.

That aside I knew as soon as I saw this Melbourne designed range that you guys NEEDED to see it… So here it is. As far as I’m concerned that cape {over the outfit in the white singlet}, the little black dress, the white sheer coat and the v-neck sequin tunic are where it is AT. You can picture these items making themselves at home in wardrobe, right? Yeah, me too. Meeee too. This range is modern and chic in monochrome tones with classic tailoring and style in sizes 14-30 {it’s recommended you check the sizing chart according to reviews}.

Plus they are Melbourne based too, awesome right? More local goodness. What can I say, these Australian designer have got it going on. There’s something really classic, simple and cool about these pieces. Something that calls to the fashion girl in me. Every girl needs a cape-thingy like that, right? Those structured sleeves are the thing dreams are made of. I’d wear mine {if I had one} with denim and stripes but then you knew that.

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Shop the range at nyata.com.au

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