Mu Hubby has a thing for hideous, OLD shirts. Well, clothes in general. But particularly shirts. Saggy, baggy with horrible patterns or names of places friends or relatives have been. It does my head in a little. But when I buy him clothes, soon they are discarded for the old favourites. Pushed to the back of the cupboard, or placed sneakily into the donate bin. New clothes don’t hang around long with my Hubby. Oh no, not my Kelvy. He’s a stickler for the old and the ugly. Clothes, I mean, be kind you lot. I’m not THAT old.

So my plan, is to overhaul his wardrobe, with his help, with him THERE {no matter how much he cries and begs ot be let out of it} and then, I’m burning the rest. Because it turns out that when the going gets tough the tough burn stuff. Or so I hear. So help me ladies and gents. How many ugly things should he be allowed to keep. And is burning them in front of him too harsh?

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