Morning Sugers. I’m up bright and early this morning. Ok, bright is a total fabrication. I’m not bright at all. But I am excited because today I’m heading down to Sydney for the ECCO shoes World’s Largest Catwalk. You know, shaking what my Mumma gave me and all. Not.

Keep an eye out on the Morning show for us all {there’l be loads of us} and for goodness sake, someone with a non-1980’s DV D player record it, would you. I’d record it on my old VCR but I couldn’t find a tape for sale anywhere. I have finally become my Mother. They told me this would happen.

So this event is very last minute for me so I have no idea who else is going. But it sounds like loads of fun. And I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it. Keep an eye on the Facebook page or Instagram for photos and general complaining about not being a morning person.

Someone bring me coffee, pleeeeease.

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