In our house there’s a sort of barter system going. Mostly. I unpack the dishwasher. he packs it. I cook dinner, he takes out the garbage. I dirty the clothes, he washes them. You know, the usual give and take that is relationships. It’s normally a tit for tat type arrangement. Rarely does money exchange hands. We both have income streams so it’s not that valuable a commodity. But getting someone who’s not me to take the garbage bins to the curb on a chilly Winter night, well, that’s serious business.


Things have been a little slow disposable income wise on my side of things for the past month or two. I still pay my bills etc but months of shopping made for some belt tightening of sorts. Luckily having spent most of the months prior to this period buying clothes, I had just the belt for this situation. Phew. Lucky. Anyway, short version is that I wanted some cash for the weekend and without raiding the savings account. I started plotting in my mind. But then I was handed a perfect opportunity.

Can you fill out these forms? He says, handing me a pile the size of half a large bible. Sighing I took them. I hate filling out forms. It always falls to me to fill our forms or we end up with accounts with weird names on them because no one can read Hubby’s handwriting. I so didn’t feel like filling out forms tonight. I should get paid for this shhhhh….. And an idea stuck.

I’m broke, I said, so it’ll cost you.

How much, he countered wiggling his eyebrows at me.

Not THAT sort of cost ya. Cost ya, cost ya. Like cash cost ya, I replied.

No eyebrow wiggle.

Fine. How much?

$100 bucks, I said… Hopeful.

DEAL. He said, I’ll transfer it now.

He really, really didn’t want to do that paperwork.

So I did. Happily. I can be bought people, I can totally be bought.

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