I’ve been annoying myself lately. I’ve been sick. I’ve been cranky. I’ve been lazy. I’ve been eating badly. Too much, too fatty, too sweet. Too EVERYTHING. I skipped the gym for over a week and went sporadically the week prior to that. I have been an annoying, whining, bloated and cranky mess. Did I mention annoying?

So I’m breaking up with myself.

That version of myself anyway.

She can go off somewhere and date an emo rock musician or something because I’m done.


Can I just take a moment here and point out how often this happens. Melissa, all gung ho and away she goes. All wired and ready for anything. Melissa charges forwards with the goal firmly in her sights only to let the whole thing be undermined by poor choices. Sigh. here we are again. Gosh I’m awesome. 

The upside to this immediate and complete break up is that I didn’t suffer along with her for too long this time. A week, two tops. No real damage has been done other than to my self belief. I can dust myself off and get back on that horse pretty much right where I left off. Though the treadmill may provide a bit of opposition to this idea, but I’m willing.


So take that you grumpy, cranky, annoying, bloated, lazy lady.

You’ve been kicked to the curb.

And I can’t think of a better women for it to happen to than you.

You’re welcome.

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