These photos were taken at the end of 2011. Olivia of Wait Until The Sunset was going overseas for aaaaaages and she was worried her blog would sit neglected and unloved. So we hatched a plan to turn me into a human Barbie doll for the day for the sack of her blog, of course. Olivia bundled loads and loads of clothes into bags and plotted and planned outfits. Now this woman has a wardrobe, let me tell you. So goodness knows how long that took her!

Since I don’t live in Brisbane and Olivia {and Ben, hi Ben!} were couch surfing, we had to do some thinking about where to do this great photo montage. It didn’t take me long to come up with the home of close friends {and fellow bloggers, so they would TOTALLY get it} Lisa and Sam from Renovating Italy. they had a newly renovated home with unused granny flat and so, after a massive lunch, we set up our fashion shoot.

Now the fun side of this is that Sam and Lisa are both fully qualified, talented photographers. So Sammy couldn’t help himself he had to grab the camera and take the photos himself. That Sam, I do love his take charge attitude. He managed to capture some awesome moments of me being a pain in the butt model and him and I telling each other off.

Modelling is hard.

So enjoy the flash back photos {you’ll see my hair is red and way shorter} and the joy that just seems to exude from them. Every time I see them I smile. Every. Single. Time. I get taken back to that day and how much we laughed and laughed and laughed. It makes for great photos. The good friends, good food and good fun, I think. Don’t you?

Dress – ASOS Curve {borrowed}

Shoes – Target

{all old seasons stock, sorry!}

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