Saturday night we went to my cousin’s house, just out of town, to celebrate his 30th and our second cousin’s son’s 3rd birthday. There would be a fire. A big shed for us to party in. It was surprisingly cold. So, you know, I busted out the boots. One last wear I thought wistfully. Knowing I’d said this a few times already didn’t make me any less sad, let me tell you. I am going to miss boots season, no matter what I said before. Bye-bye boots season, you know, again. But boots aside it was a great night, even if I did have a mild headache from caffeine withdrawals. 

My sister and I were talking about gatherings like this the other day. We just don’t see all our cousin’s enough. We all grew up so close to each other {in location and feeling} and as time has passed some have drifted. It’s a bit sad especially since for one side of the family, we started with 13 of us and there are only 11 remaining. You just can’t waste the chance when you get it. you really can’t.

Throw in the excuse to wear boots and I’m there.

Anyway, I kept it simple with this stretchy dress from Autograph {it’s been a stapled this year}, belt from an old Crossroads dress and my Autograph jacket. This was the first piece the brand ever sent me. How’s that for a nice little side story. The birth of my blog, right there in a jacket. It’s the perfect throw-on a jacket and the season doesn’t matter. The colour is really versatile and the sleeves can be rolled up and buttoned at elbow length.

You’ll also notice I forgot to take photos until we were arriving home. So here I am, day two of a juice cleanse and in the headlights of my car. It might not be the prettiest of photos but I do get emails asking for more day to day stuff. Post about the outfits like the ones I wear to work and post on Instagram, so here you go. This is them.

Dress – Autograph

Jacket – Autograph {gifted}

Boots – SARA

Belt – Crossroads {was on a dress}

{some brand associations exist, refer to my disclosure policy}

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