Yes, I know, leggings as pants. TOTALLY an accident. Thought the shirt was longer on.
But I changed into jeans before leaving the house. PROMISE. 
There is something to be said for waking up and feeling great. Those days when your hair sits right, you feel good in your clothes and things just seem to line up for you. For me, there is a confidence in that. In the coming together of wonderfulness that is that. But on the flip side of that is THOSE days. The days where you look in the mirror and everything seems wrong.

And there is the confidence that comes from your body being fit and healthy and able. It only takes a small bout of illness to remind me how much I rely on and need to give thanks for my healthy and able body. Yes, it has to carry around too much weight, but it does what it does without complaint. Mostly. You know, except the whole carrying/making/doing anything remotely helpful in regards to a baby thing.

So while I would never consider myself someone who’s confidence is reliant on their looks/body image, I am smart enough to acknowledge that it has an impact. How I see myself is representative of how I show myself to others. Confidence is attractive. And on those days that things line up, I FEEL good.

I can’t even start to imagine what life would be like if every single morning I woke up and thought, heck, today we look gooooood. Go get them girl. Go and be awesome. Rather than, oh goodness, is that another fine line or chin. And oh my, THAT pimple wasn’t there yesterday. OMG I should just hide in my room. Can you imagine!? Rule the world stuff, right.

Is your confidence intertwined with your body confidence?  

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