Oh heeeey folks! It’s blooper time again. There really is no rhyme or reason with the spacing of these posts, really I just wait until I’ve collected enough ridiculous photos of myself and then I post them. To read more about why, the reasoning behind lifting the veil on my obviously highly polished exterior, check out the last bloopers post. The short version is that perfect annoys me. I saw an eCard or something the other day that said something along the lines of ‘it’s not an unflattering photo of you, your face just looks like that sometimes’.

Liberating, right!?

Your face just looks like that sometimes.

Which it totally does. How cool, right?

So get out on with enjoying the post with lots of ridiculous faces from me. Hubby didn’t manage to capture too many photos of me falling down or tripping over, which is a miracle. But there is the one I made of the GIF of. Haha. Winning. Do you ever feel like you are the clumsiest person on earth when other people are watching? I do. When I’m alone I’m practically elegant. No really, I totally think it’s true. I just get stage fright when any other people are around. Promise! Haha. 

Do the sunglasses thing, he said, it’ll be fun, he said. 

Gazing off into the distance, the quizzical edition. 

Again? What do you mean you didn’t get it? 

Loose shirt problems. 

So, how long was that half of a dead bird in the photos for Hubby? The whole time. Great.

Maybe should have taken the laptop etc out of the bag before the photos. SO heavy. 

It’s REALLY sunny.


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