If one more person says to me they are going to start a blog so they can get free stuff I might just lose my shit. Sorry. I don’t normally say shit here. But Seriously. Lose. My. Shit. Unfortunately that simple expression conveys a whole world of thing to me. Firstly, you think that any day someone can start a blog and achieve what I’ve worked daily for almost 3 years on. It’s annoying, just saying. Oh, you’re going to start a blog, are you. Magically turn it into a profitable exercise, are you? Just blog for the sake of getting freebies, are you? Well, good luck is all I’m going to say.

Goooooood luck.

I find it essential, now that I would classify myself as a blogger first and personal assistant second, to have a prepared response to the question ‘Yeah, but what IS a blog?’. I think it made me a better blogger to know. To be able to describe what I do in a matter of fact type way. To be able to say that yes, my musings and ramblings DO matter to people. And yes, so does sharing the cardigan I just purchased from the shops. I find if I am clear, people are less likely to shake their head and say, so it’s like Facebook.

Or the always popular, I don’t get it.

Blogging is stupid, you see. New and silly and frivolous and stupid. I wish I had the spare time to play online all day, they say. I’m just too busy. I wish I could find the time to do what you do. I assert that these same people say the same thing about getting to the gym or cooking fresh, healthy meals. Sigh and wish they had the time to do that too. {COUGHexcusesCOUGH} They won’t go because it’s not important to them. In the absence of value, people argue cost. I heard that quoted once at a conference I attended. I think it applies to the emergence of blogging in Australia. For them the cost of building a blog is greater than the value of the return.

Same can go for some advertisers and brands. They can’t see the value yet. But they will. More and more as I receive emails and message and tweets with mentions of latest purchases, changes to diet and exercise plans and even to their outlook, I can see it. The value starts to emerge, like a headlight of a car in the distance. It’s there and hurtling towards me fast. The cost {my time, my money, my ability to earn elsewhere} seems to diminish. It is being outweighed.

For me. That is. I still get a lot of questions and raised eyebrows from those outside my circle of family and friends. They can’t see the value yet. Of this ‘new’ media. They can’t see that those of us existing and writing and building steam are at the forefront and that’s exciting. We will deliver their information well into the future. It will come from us. But to them, it’s stupid, and a bit of a waste of time.

Blogging is stupid because they don’t get it. Yet.

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