This blog turns eight this year. I know, times flies when you’re having fun. And in those eight years, I’ve seen all kinds of ups and downs and changes in the blog community. In some ways, I feel like I’ve had my personal stamp on some of those changes. I was part of the community, in conversations and we were really setting the rules for how blogging should be defined as a profession. We did all that by coming together as a community.

But times, as they tend to do, change.  

In a conversation with some blog friends, most of who don’t blog anymore, we talked about bloggers and the blogging community in Australia. It feels different to us, and maybe that’s just us we are all varying levels of awkward AF. There seems to be a decline in blog events and career or skills development. Facebook groups are more aimed at taking your blog from zero to business at a million clicks per hour. Where are the group lunches, the coffee dates or the low-key catch ups?

Where are the people? 

I don’t mean those few friends we all have online. This plea if for the community of colourful, varied, interesting, full of conversation and joy, people. In the olden days, I would put a call put on Facebook or Twitter for people who wanted to catch up and actually get a response. It occurs to me just now that it could just be me… That would be awkward. Are you all out there meeting up without me? If that’s the case, I want back in. Tell me where the next one is and I’m in! I miss the people. 

Now, I’m going to do something about it. My friend Gayel is having coffee (tea also available) with real live people and interviewing them for her blog. Vanessa wants to run low-cost workshops in her local community spaces. And me, well I’m going to come up with something. It will probably start with putting together a lunch. Something easy, come as you are, show up and talk blogging with people who get it. I won’t even get anyone to sponsor it. Haha.

Legit old school. 

If you’re a blogger who wants to bring the community back, I encourage you to find your thing and do that. And if you’re within driving distance of me, make sure you let me know when your event is going to be. I need to get out more. Let’s get out from behind these keyboards, phones, tablets, desktops (big flash new desktops) and see if we can put some real, unfiltered faces to those social media handles. Let’s get together and talk shop. It’ll be just like old times.

And if you’re not a blogger?

Smaggle wrote a post recently about how to support your favourite bloggers and content creators. It’s for the family and friends, for the acquaintances or low-key fans who just don’t know what they can do to support this crazy thing we do.  The rules don’t seem clear, right? This will help. If you’re not a blogger and you’re wondering what the heck you can do to bring ‘the people’ back, this is a good start.

Ironically, I look at this post and I realise some blogging communities made it through. Some have lasted and continue to support each other. Sorry to my team, but maybe I bet on the wrong horse. Bloody lame ducks (I’m looking at you Rah). Haha. It’s time for me to commit some time to rebuild the support network of storytellers, content makers, and creatives. If you want in, I want you here!

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