Bloopers post time! Yay. My favourite part of this whole blogging caper is that I have this space where I get to dress up, pretend to be cool. Then now and then I drop the curtain and you get to see that the good photos are just the ones that make the cut. Plus photo locations are sometimes smelly, always risky (in terms of being spotted and sometimes run over!) and practice absolutely makes perfect.

So enjoy the outtakes post folks, this time I’m giving a bit of behind the scenes info instead of the usual caption comp. BUT that doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome to add your favourite caption in the comments below. As per. The captions are usually my favourite bit of the bloopers post. So go nuts. Haha.

The photos above were taken on afternoon when the uber cool Desiree from Madame Rouge Makeup came along with us while we grabbed some photos… This top, which I now always wear pinned, was giving me trouble the whole time. Desiree stepped in to help me out. But only after I did a bit of goofing off. Derrr.

suger coat it plus size fashion blog bloopers post-11

Bees. I am always surrounded by freaking bees. Bees bees everywhere. I’m a bee magnet. And you want to know why I think that is? My name, Melissa, means honeybee. Seriously. I get stalked by bees because of my name. Makes sense right?

suger coat it plus size fashion blog bloopers post-2

Not much to say here but “I whip my hair back and forth, whip my hair back and forth…”. And no, I wasn’t trying to signal some sort of gang type affiliation, all that whipping made my scrunch fall down. Talk about fashion blogger problems.

suger coat it plus size fashion blog bloopers post-7

Oh. Dear. LORD. What is that smell!? Eeewww. Sometimes it smells so bad that you just have to laugh. This one day I was certain I was standing in a dried up puddle of pee it smelt so bad. And given the moderately secluded location and the proximity to the pubs, I’m pretty sure I was on the money with that one. GROSS.

suger coat it plus size fashion blog bloopers post-3 suger coat it plus size fashion blog bloopers post-4

These photos for Hope & Harvest were a huge success. We loved how they turned out but of course there had to be a blooper or two amongst them. Well derr. Some of the best ones came from trying and failing to make the timer on the camera work for us. But like true pros, we made it work. As you do.

suger coat it plus size fashion blog bloopers post-6

Sometimes you have to pull a face or your photos are all the same, have no life in them and just, well, suck. So to loosen up I dance about, pull ridic poses or just go a little nuts. It’s Mr Suger’s favourite thing in the world to keep the camera rolling. I tell him off about it all the time. But it makes for some fun shots.

suger coat it plus size fashion blog bloopers post-5

Ummm. did I mention the smells? Car parks are THE WORST. The very very very worst. Luckily there’s a cute coat and dress outfit to distract you from the eeewww. Right?

suger coat it plus size fashion blog bloopers post-1

Hey. You. Mr Suger type person. Too close with the old camera thing. Waaaay too close. Wouldn’t you agree? Haha.

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