This post was going to be very different before Monday this week. Having gone through some of the stuff in our parent’s back shed, my sister posted some old photos to Facebook. The one above took my breath away. I remember that girl. 18’ish and concerned as always about her weight. Strong and fit but she didn’t care. Skinny was where it was at. Maybe there was a way to be small. Somehow. Almost 6 foot tall and a size 14 she felt huge. She was past the limited eating of her teen years and moving on to the bingeing of her time at Uni.

I look at that girl and my heart breaks.

I look at the girl and I woman I am today knows it’s time. The rolling up of the sleeves has already commenced but this cements my determination to fight for a fit healthy body like the one I was given. Before I messed with it. It was difficult but it took forgiveness to move on from there. It took saying ok, the past is the past, moving on. For a while now I’ve been strengthening my body. Eating better. Refining my ideas on what makes me do what I’ve always done. It was time for a dedicated plan.

Enter the Blackmores eBook, Getting the Edge. This eBook has eating and exercise tips and plan. Recipes and information about protein. I’m using protein and the recommended exercises and eating plans to shape my workouts and eating plans. In conjunction with the new protein powder Pro-Definition. I’ve discussed how best to use it with my sister {training partner} and brother {cheer squad and trained personal trainer} and I’m using the powder post work out and between meals a few times a day.

I’m looking to tone the muscle I have and lose fat. That’s my goal. Did you know how important having a training goal is? Some people go in to lose weight only. Some train for muscle mass {which will eat the fat sooner or later} and others just want to be bendy {think yoga}. I’m not an expert, later we’re going to hear from my brother, he sort of is. But I have researched my butt off on this one. The eBook {which is FREE} will save you the trouble.

I haven’t altered my diet since quitting sugar.

The results I’ve seen are from working out only. It’s more about muscle tone. But I haven’t lost even a kilo since I started training 5 weeks ago. It becomes clear that nutrition is the key to weight loss. This requires focus and dedication and more than a little bit of commitment. But I’m willing to do the hard yards. I’m willing to commit to food for fuel’s sake. The Ebook says that nutrition has always played a vital part in health. That we should consider everything that we eat or drink and whether it will benefit our body or not. Some consideration is my aim.

So that’s where I’m at. I look forward to continuing to update you all with my progress. My brother AND my sister have both also been trialling the products and training program. We’ll hear from them next week when we have drawn the winners. Oh wait, did you hear that? WINNERS. Blackmores have been kind enough to give me TWO Blackmores Sports Kits to give away.

They look a little like this…

Sports Kits DO NOT include the Conceive Well Gold. That was for me. 😉

The kits contain a Blackmores Sports Bag, Blackmores Sports Towel, Protein Shaker, ProDefinition and ProPower from the new sports range, a 1-month subscription to My Blackmores online sports program and the new book Getting the Edge. Now here’s your chance to WIN. Whether you’re training to lose weight or training to run somewhere, if you think this kit would support your effort, I hope you enter. Details below. Prizes and products for review provided by Blackmores as per my disclosure policy.


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