So in the interests of sharing my favourite work outfits with you guys, here is the latest. This peplum top, stripe skirt combo gets trotted out at least once a week. I add a blazer for my chilly office {hello a brisk 19 degrees all year round, ick} and I’m all set. The classic black and white combo is perfect for my office that has a fairly corporate dress code feel that I almost always fail to meet. Even with a hot pink blazer though, this always gets the nod from my boss.

Can I take a side note minute here and explain the photos. Again at the local racetrack, I met Hubby there on his way home from work to grab a couple of photos. You can sort of tell it wasn’t going well by the look on my face. I’m sort of scrunched up and cranky looking. Sorry about that. It really can be a bit tricky to convince him {and I} that getting some photos after work, when all he really wants is dinner and a sit down, is a good idea. Grumpy all round.

Now! Where was I? Oh yes, I wanted to say that a lot of people get worried about the stripes. Stripe pencil skirts in particular. Almost every time I do a post with a stripe skirt or dress someone find the need to tell me {Pinterest is the place for this at the moment} that they don’t think fat people should wear horizontal stripes. I’m all like, what the hell people, I look GREAT. Okay, so I’m not that brash about it, but you know what. Old school rules can suck it. Rock those stripes lady. Same goes for dots and patterns and floral and shiny metallic and sequins. Meh. Do what you want.

plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit-3

plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit-7

plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit

plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit-5

Top – ASOS Curve
Skirt – Virtu {2012 – gifted}
Shoes – Evans


plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit-4

What’s your big fashion rebellion?

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