Most days I wear black. And a little more black. It’s a corporate sort of environment. Real Estate agent’s can take themselves very seriously indeed. this outfit I put together for work and added the belt and necklace to take it out to dinner afterward. A simple transition, so simple I’d forgotten to remove my sunglasses from my head. Ha.

To replicate this one is pretty easy. Just take a simple black dress and keep adding shades of grey and textured black. My cardigan for the evening was a pale grey which lightened the overall look a little but was in keeping with the idea. Add as many different shades as you like. this can be done with colours too. The navy maxi skirt outfit was an example of that. All navy and purple. Shades and shades of it. Got it? Now get to colour layering. Let me know how you go.

Necklace – Curvy Clothes Swap

Tunic/Dress – Autograph

Belt – Autograph

Leggings – Autograph

Boots – Autograph

{Purchased or swapped by me}

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