Lately, I’ve had this thing for all things black and nude. I adore this combination almost as much as I loved navy and tan last summer. It’s funny how you get stuck in your rut with such things. I’m not sure if you are the same but sometimes I feel like I wear blue for weeks on end and then I’m done with it. I don’t mind it, I’m a bit like that with all things. Singularly focused and then done. It’s one of those great but not so great personality traits I am the proud owner of.

So when Liv sent me home with this tunic I’d admired way back when she purchased it, I was excited to have another item to add to my current obsession. I knew immediately I’d be pairing it with my Bare Foot Tess boots. IMMEDIATELY. My plan was to wear it like a mini dress originally but the placement of the zips meant my crotch was basically out. And I’m not THAT fashion-forward. HA.

Leggings were an excellent compromise, I think.

My weeks have all started to look the same lately. Wake up, go to work, finish work and start work on the blog, go to the gym, eat crap food for dinner inside or outside of our home and get back to work than into bed. Rinse, lather and repeat. Weekends have been busy, we fly from the event and meet up on to the next one throwing a beach day in there for good measure. There’s a swirling mass of things to do, places to be, people to see… It’s overwhelming and exciting all at once.

This night Hubby and I took some time to refocus our ideas for marketing and growth of his business. We sat in a car park with the music playing in the car like we did when we first met eating burgers. Laughing and talking about our plans for moving forward and where to from here. We’d done a similar thing without the burgers and car park a few weeks earlier about life. Making plans makes me a happy girl. A happy girl indeed.

Necklace – Diva
Tunic – TS 14+ {2012}
Leggings – Target
Boots – Bare Foot Tess


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