We used to pick my nephew up from school on a Friday, and he would stay with us while his Mum was at work. Back at the start of March, with plans for a milk and cookies movie night, I bought the boxed ingredients for chocolate chip biscuit. We were going to make them together, so I thought I would keep it simple. Add stuff and stir – done and done.

But then self-isolation happened.

It was four or so weeks since we’d seen him and the biscuits were calling to me. I’ve been building my portfolio on some stock image websites as a way to earn a little side income from my photography. (Very little at this stage, let me tell you, haha). With the thought of capturing some photos as a “two birds with the one stone” thing, I baked the biscuits.

It turns out, while they would’ve been kid-friendly (super easy) they were more like biscuit cakes than cookies. I get that that is some people’s thing, but not me. I like my biscuits to be a little bit chewy, a little crunchy and a lot bendy rather than crumbly. I’m sure if I was more of a baker, I could have adapted the ingredients. But I’m not. There I was with cake-like chocolate chip cookies.

So, I photographed them anyway.

Why not. The biscuits look alright. Though chunky enough to disclose the cakiness for those of us who know what we want in a cookie. And while I uploaded the main set to stock image sites, I thought YOU might want to use some images during this stay at home period. I mean, people are baking stuff left, right and centre. Get on board. And that’s what I did.

If you click through to the free downloads page, you’ll see a link to the Dropbox folder to download the cookie images and a couple of others, I thought might come in handy. All the terms of use and that jazz are on that page too. It’s pretty basic; don’t worry about that. I hope you enjoy them; whatever you use them for. Now, excuse me while I head to Pinterest to find a decent chocolate chip cookie recipe for when my nephew is allowed to stay for sleepovers.

Download the failed cookie experiment images on the FREE DOWNLOADS page here.


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