My back story on Beth Ditto is pretty darn small. I became aware of this amazing woman when her collection at Evans was online and then sold out pretty darn quickly. In the way things turn out sometimes I was missing out. A beauty with a love of fashion, feisty, flashy and forward fashion Beth was an inspiration for me when I was trying new things. Stepping outside of the fashion box. Her guts gave me guts. Her willingness to go a little further, push the boundaries made me try harder. So take a look, admire this woman of amazing style and confidence. Let’s do this thing! 


Like I said above, the look it fun, fashion forward and feisty. It’s sequins, pattern clashing, colour with a little bit of retro glamour mixed in. Think bodycon, think sequins and absolutely think swishy skater skirts and animal prints. Wear it short and wear it fitted and you’ll be on your way. Make sure it’s bright too while you’re making a list.

For this look the blunt fringe, dark eyes and ruby red lips are almost as important. So get glam like a hollywood starlet, mess yourself up a little, add some studs and you’re there. Look there would be a million and ones that I could tell you how to replicate this look but it all comes down to enjoying your body, yourself and fashion. Flaunt what you have, go a little nuts and don’t be afraid to get a little messy.

Beth Ditto Steal Her Style Outfit Collage


Steal Her Style: Beth Ditto Shopping

1. Lace Panelled Dress 2. Sequin Bomber 3. Mixed Print BodyCon
4. Longline Vintage Bra 
5. Collared Pencil Dress 6. Printed BodyCon 7. Studded Jacket
8. Leather Shirt Dress 9. Off the Shoulder BodyCon Dress


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