You know that old saying, about best laid plans of mice and men, well that is me. I am the mice and I am the {wo}man. Sure, I can set goals and often achieve them. Sometimes I even manage to work towards something resembling a plan and it works. But as soon as I decided that THIS is THE plan it goes to poo.

Just quietly.

And I say poo instead of something more substantial because it never really goes too badly, just slightly, run of the mill type badly. Just enough to remind me that it doesn’t really appear to be up to me. I wonder about free will and destiny. I wonder about who or what is out there. I wonder about not believing anything is out there. And I’m doing it again. The wondering. The driving myself batty.

Best laid plans of mice and men indeed.

I feel like I need a nap.

Or maybe an early night.

I might do that.


Over and out.

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