Jacket from Autograph. Gift of the brand. OMG. Thank goodness for that. It's gorgeous.

Saturday’s are my day to drink coffee, write my heart out and work an hour or two if I must. This weekend I had made plans to hit the Autograph knit sale with my cousins Trina. 9am at the Gloria Jeans office for coffee pre-knitwear assault. I’d have enough time for the gym before and I was heading to work after. Excellent plan.

Or so I thought.

In the way the universe does when I make plans that are too back to back it all went to poo. And pretty early on too. I set my alarm around 1am as I was tucking my sleepy self into bed. 6.30 wake up with the intention to snooze. Gym by 7.30. Coffee by 9am. I dozed off into a heavy sleep. I do sleep well when I get around to doing it. God forbid if the house burnt down.

Except I set my gym alarm. The gym alarm that only recurs Monday – Friday. The alarm that wouldn’t have gone off until this morning. The alarm that didn’t go off on Saturday. At all. Instead, I awoke feeling super rested and sleep satisfied only to reach over and find that the time was 9:15am!!!


So I texted Trina while tearing around attempting to get my teeth brushed and clothes on. I was in the car in 15 minutes. Dressed, minty fresh and cashed up ready to shop. In record time I was in the line for a coffee, apologising profusely for being such a colossal fail and declaring it, time to shop!

It was about quarter to 10. I had 30 minutes before I would have to check out, get back to my car and get to the office to collect everything I needed for my open homes that day. Thankfully the large colourful display of knits was front and centre in the store. As where the leggings. We swooped arm fulls of garments and I elegantly demanded items from the display.

We were under way.

Selecting neighbouring change rooms we flicked through item after item, yes and no’ing faster than anyone has business doing. Accepting the occasional garment from a sales lady. We are very choosy Trina and I. We know what we like and what we don’t. We will try something sometimes, but we won’t be swayed.

The alarm went. Speed shopping was over.

I asked the sales assistant to add it up for me before ringing it up {I’d dumped arm loads of items on the counter}. When she did and my total was under $200 I almost cheered. Threw the handbag I’d been eyeing off since it was released on top of the pile and said, I’ll take the lot. Thank you. I can imagine she did quite well that morning. Trina had an arm load too.

But I was off. Giving her a hug, thanking her for being awesome and out the door to work. Coffee in hand I made it to my next three destinations without issue. Yay me. I couldn’t help but think well, the plan might not have worked out in its entirety but I did get where I needed to be in the end.

And isn’t that all that matters really?

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