Some Sundays Hubby and I go out for breakfast. Well, brunch usually. Sunday is our sleep in day. And brunch requires comfy clothes. Right!? But cute, it IS still a date after all. So the perfect compromise is this casual dress form Big W that I picked up for $25! Worth every cent and more. A quality stretch fabric, great line and the overall design. Such a cute and versatile dress. Not sponsored but this SO should be. Someone tell Big W of the big fat wasted opportunity would you. I’ll sit here and await their email. With moderate patience. Obviously. HA.

Anyway. My nails are bright blue, my toe nails are orange and this outfit is very nautical navy, cream and red. Some days it pays to just paint your nails black. Really it does. But I didn’t have time for the whole repaint thing so clashing colours it is. Especially when you’re just feeling good and demand outfit photos before breakfast. Imagine the uproar if I said, oh hang on I just have to repaint my nails. All twenty of them! Hubby would probably eat his hat. That man wakes up hungry. Stays hungry all day long. Don’t get between him and his food, like, ever. Just saying.

Speaking of breakfast, I still look half asleep in these photos. I have that dreamy, naaaaw, just give me another five minutes look in my eyes. I wonder if this is how I appear when I jump out of bed and head pretty much straight to work some mornings… Probably. I know it’s definitely how I would look at the gym during the 7am morning. I’m pretty sure half way through my work out I would STILL look half asleep. Clearly I am not one of the blessed bright eyed and bushy tailed morning people you hear of. Are you?

Seriously. Nothing beats nautical. Am I right?

Dress – Avella for Big W

Sunnie – Big W

Wedges – Target {last season}

Ring – Handmade by Gemma

{Some brand associations exist, please see my disclosure policy}

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