There is one person that matters. One person who you should work your whole life to get on your side. Only one, the rest can do what they like. That one person is you. They could also be the hardest person to win over. Are you your harshest critic? I know I always have been. Imagining, thinking horrible things to say about myself long before anyone else did. Almost being bored by it by the time other people thought it too.

But sooner or later you need to get yourself in your corner.

But how do you do that? How do you back yourself for the win? Well, it takes a little bit of something special. It takes you believing that you are worthy of good things first. It really does. Reminding yourself time after time that you want what you want and that’s ok. Backing yourself up and knowing what it is you want in life and going for it. It takes knowing yourself better than anyone else and trusting that.

It also takes people around you who are also rooting for you. They may come later or they might be there now. Either way, find them. I guarantee you, there are people in your life right now who aren’t helping you in this. Hinder-friends I call them. And trust me, you can only blame these people for so long. After while if they’re still around it’s your fault.

Lastly, it takes being kind to you when you stuff up royally. A sense of humour to laugh it off, courage to make amends where you need to and determination to try again. To continue to back yourself when the chips are down. That’s what it takes and that comes with practice. It’s relatively simple to back yourself when the going is good, but when your butt is hanging out in the wind, well that takes guts. And a little bit of stubbornness.

I should know, I have stubbornness by the bucket load.

What do you think it takes to be in your corner? Are you in yours? 

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