This week I was named as a The Shine On award winner by the lovely Angela who found this blog via Pinterest. I popped over to say thank you and noticed that there were two posts selected within her reasoning. I clicked through to read them and marvelled at what I found. A blog. With writing! Woah. I got a pang of missing. I miss writing about stuff. I miss fully crafted posts where I said stuff. Lately I just haven’t really had much stuff to say.

You know how it is.

But there is one thing I could say, one thing that I’ve sort of sitting on because I’m a bit annoyed at myself actually. It’s that this Sugar-Free Suger is not so sugar-free any more. People of the world with their peer pressure to eat crap rejoice. Stinkers. It’s sort of been weighing on my mind and more and more signs have been pointing to a fess up lately. This award, was the tipping point. So I’m committing. Along with my health and fitness goals I talked about in the newsletter I’m committing to living sugar-free.

I confessing my sins to the blog public and laying myself bare in the hopes that the words will start flowing. This blog needs some more words, less pictures and more rambling. I’m going to scale back the outfit photos to two per week unless there is something I MUST show you. Let’s talk more about cooking, whole eating and fitness. Let’s talk more about encouraging people to be their best selves. Lets hear a little more about you!

So confess your blog sins and be forgiven my child!?

{sorry Catholics, I’m just joking around, I promise}. 

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