Happy New Year Sugers!

Welcome back to a whole new year of Suger Coat It. 2013 the year of the Me. I couldn’t find the words to express this intention over the past week. I knew I wanted to declare it somewhere for you all to see. A permanent reminder for myself that I committed to this. But I would sit down to write and it wasn’t there. It always came out sounding like this was going to be a year of having my head up my own butt. Something I try to avoid.


This video came across my path in the same way SO many things do, on Facebook. Alongside someone’s impassioned plea for a sequin mini and just below yet another like to be awesome, ignore and your granny dies, type of thing. There it was, on the very day I declared that in 2013 I would resolve to do one thing. Be myself. This video which says so much about so much. It’s elegant and personal, it spoke to me of being myself and thus providing a space for others to do the same. Take the time to watch it if you can, listen to the words she speaks, really hear her, and hear the value of being yourself so that others can see.

My aim this year is simple. It is to be the best version of myself. A lean, clean, Melissa machine. {Yeah, I made that up right then, wank factor one thousand}. I am looking for something at the moment. Looking for a missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s not even a big missing, it’s just some form of expression that I plan to put my finger on sometime soon. I want a purpose, if that makes sense, a reason for doing what I do, for being who I am.

So watch this space Sugers.

And watch this clip when you can.

She’s worth it, I promise.

Here’s to 2013. Another great year.

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