You are beautiful, on the outside where it counts

Yes I’m talking to you. No I’m not joking. Yes you are beautiful. Of course you are. Are you mad!? I get sick of people saying that inner beauty matters {sure it DOES, but hang in there} over outer beauty. Being a good person is important. Having principles and standards matters. But the crazy part about that whole thing is that you ARE beautiful on the outside. You are. Who told you that you weren’t?

No really, think about it?

And really, are those people anyone you should be listening too? Take a minute and think of a sweet little girl, she’s young and just finding her way in the world. She asks you if she’s beautiful. Without even knowing what she looks like how do you respond? You’d say that yes, of course she is. hopefully you’d tell her some other things she is too to balance the whole thing out but of course you’d say she’s beautiful.


Because all little girls are.

So then if you think about it, when can all stop driving ourselves nuts over being beautiful because we already are. ALL of us. And that makes none of us special for being beautiful. No ranking, no ifs, buts or maybes. Blanket coverage. Level playing field, let’s call the whole thing off. WE could all use a little less crazy, right? I know for sure I could do with a little less crazy.

So get out there you gorgeous thing you. Let’s change the world. 

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