I’ve always been really interested in the shave for a cure and beautiful lengths ideas. What it would take for a woman to hand over her hair for another is something a bit special indeed. I’ve known women who have shaved their head in response to disease and trauma. There isn’t one of them who didn’t have a moment regarding what it meant for them now. Would they be as beautiful, attractive, feminine as they were before?

Of course, they were. Are.

But feelings are feelings and when you are dealing with cancer the last thing I believe you need is to be questioning yourself or confronting for yourself what being a woman is. Deal with all that when you are well. For the women who want or need them, give them a wig. A beautiful real-hair wig that they can use on those days when they don’t want to feel sick any more. When they want to go to the shops without people taking sideways glances.

That’s why when the information came through for the beautiful lengths pop up salon I knew I had to share. I can’t be there so this is my little bit to help. My way of saying I support you, what a wonderful thing you’re doing and thanks very much.

The Pantene Beautiful Lengths pop up salon launches in Sydney on Thursday 26th September to mark the second year of the program and to celebrate a massive 5,000 ponytail donations so far from generous women – and men – across Australia and New Zealand. So get aboard if you’re in the area. And especially if you have a ponytail to donate.

Find the salon in World Square, Sydney CBD where appointments can be made for a wash & blow-dry or haircut when ponytails are donated with Pantene Beautiful Lengths ambassador, Barney Martin, and his team of expert hairdressers. You might even get a chance to meet Home & Away actress and Pantene Beautiful Lengths ambassador, Emily Symons, will be at the salon to cut the hair of one woman live on TV and talk to consumers about the program.

For more information about donation and the event please head to www.pantenebeautifullengths.com.au

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