There is one key lesson for me when it comes to life. One thing I learnt from my experience as a proeprty manager and real estate sales assistant, that’s to be helpful. People LOVE helpful. And often it doesn’t take too long at all to make a difference. Little things. Big things. Really all it takes in life to make someone else happy is to offer a hand up when they need it.

Yesterday I saw a lady drop one of her bags of shopping while attempting to buy more items at a counter. A young man, bent down, scooped up the items and held them until she was finished, handed them back and walked away smiling. The lady did too. And so did I. That picking up of a few things and handing them back made three people happy.

Easy, right?

My Dad saves children on roads. It’s his thing. He jokes that the universe knows to send him in if there is a child in danger on the road and he is right where he needs to be in the moment he is needed. The most dramatic of his saves {over the years there have been plenty} was a toddler who had escaped her home early one morning and wandered over to the highway. Dad stopped his ute across the lane, jumped out and collected her in his arms getting her off the road.

In a moment or two he realised he was a 50 year old man, with a toddler who would at this stage be considered missing by someone on the highway. Errr, kidnapper alert!! So he went to the side of the road and waited there. Sending another passer by up and down the houses asking if anyone was missing a child. Soon the Mother was found and the pair reunited. Dad says that morning still gives him chills recalling seeing this little bub wandering the edge of the highway. Raymond; patron saint of children.

So big or small if you see your opportunity to help. Do. And don’t be surprised if sometimes people don’t always seem grateful. It’s just the way things are. Don’t let it stop you from doing it. The times it matters, like really matters, the gratitude will be there. And those times, you won’t even need it because you’ll know.

Go find someone and be helpful. You’ll like it. Promise.

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