These guys? Not awkward at ALL!

Sometimes awkward blogging moments happen. You might make a mistake before you knew it was a mistake or think something you didn’t know wasn’t what you are SUPPOSED to be thinking. Or worse, you might meet someone and say the most awkward thing you could say. Well never fear because if you’re worried about doing it, chance are I probably have done it already. Maybe even done it twice. So let me regal you with some of my awkward blogging moments to either save you from them yourself or to make you feel better about them happening to you.

Try and keep you brain to mouth filter intact when meeting bloggie people you love and admire and love to admire. That sort thing happens now and again at an event, a conference, things like that. I have this tendency to make jokes like I would with people I’ve know a heck of a lot longer. It’s because of the familiar, the feeling of knowing them. Ask Holly, I’m pretty sure I made a fat joke while she was pregnant. Or Eden who I asked if she was too cool to wear a name tag. Awkward people, really awkward. My advice is to be yourself AND remember that you can be yourself, but maybe eeeeease them into it.

Ask privately for stats and media kits, if you must know, people can get weird about it. The first time I asked someone for details of their readership, their networks and all that they were a little weird about it. Then I asked Naomi why I got that reaction. I was relatively new to blogging and she helped me out. I don’t know, some people just get weird about it, she said. From then on if I had a question or wanted to know something, I approached bloggers in private, I gave them the option to respond or not. they seemed to appreciate that.

Credit images, approach the owner directly if you can or you might get pulled down. By Google. I was. When Suger Coat It lived at a blogspot address I was pulled down for almost a full 24 hours for perceived terms of use violations. We figure it was probably badly credited {or not credited} images. Whoopsie. This one is for Blogger blog owners mostly, but the courtesy extends to all Bloggers. Tit for tat and all that. If you would like to be credited for your work, even contacted before the use, you should be offering others the same courtesy.

I think that’s about it for now. There are certainly many, many more ways to make a blogging situation awkward, but my best advice is to be yourself, be open to people and if you don’t know what the heck happened to make it SO awkward, then ask. If I was there, it was probably me. And keep in mind all the blog moments that were awkward, all the people I made a fool of myself in front of, every single one of them were great with me. They guided me, showed me the way, laughed at my bad jokes.

Bloggers are cool like that.

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