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That’s what she said {Vlog}

I feel like this video should be pretty self-explanatory, but well, I'm a blogger so that's not going to happen. On Sunday Kel and I packed up the car and took a drive to Hervey Bay. We were going with the sole purpose of spending some time with my friend Gayel who...

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Well, none of this has gone to plan.

Look at that. It's Tuesday already and I've spent the last few nights {and one day} trying to edit a video with no success. Less than no success. I was probably 80% complete when the program insisted on crashing constantly and ended up corrupting the file. Excellent....

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Suger’s Rules for Dressing #hashtagplusblogger

It's RULES prompt week for #hashtagplusblogger and with that in mind I'm bringing an old, OLD, favourite with a Suger's Rules type post. Don't remember what I'm on about? Use the search bar and take a look around. They were fun. But enough about that, let's go!...

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My Summer Bucket List

I'm a goals kind of girl. It's truer than true. I also go through phases were my goals change regularly. But something I've never had was a bucket list. Thinking of my time off over Christmas/New Year and what I wanted to do I figured now was as good as time as any to...

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Mix and Match #hashtagplusblogger

Welcome to Mix and Match week, team. First of all, when I say Mix and Match, what does that mean to you? Does your wardrobe work together or against each other? Are you constantly buying and feeling like you never get anywhere? I hear you. I've been there. This blog...

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There's some conversation online about this style of dress. With its over-sized shape and modest, for lack of a better word, lines it has been labelled an unflattering sack. Gosh. Because people on the internet just can't hold it in, right? But once again, the people...

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What I’ve learned: First 100 YouTube Subscribers

As far as YouTube achievements go, this feels like the first one. 100 subscribers, I've now officially made it. Small pickings by a lot of channels standards, but a milestone achievement none the less. When I started posting regularly in August this year, I certainly...

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You can’t #hashtagplusblogger

I added this prompt to the Hashtag Plus Blogger challenge myself. I'd been watching some YouTube {yeah, I know, same old same old} and came across a movie by Casey Neistat titled 'Do What You Can't'. Watch it if you haven't seen it and have no idea what I'm on about....

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Easy casual outfit, as usual.

Oh hey outfit post watchers, it's been a while, right? Welcome back to the blog for this cool outfit that pretty much sold out already. Ummmm. Sorry about that. I really did try to get you something that was in stores now this time. Who doesn't love some newness,...

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