Welcome to Aussie Curves COLOUR CLASH week. Holy heck there are going to be some major colour explosions. Exciting. But excuse me for a little today Sugers as I get a little sentimental with you all. This blog is coming up to her third birthday. Next month it will be a year since I decided to share outfit photos every week. Did you even know that this blog basically existed without outfit photos for two whole years of its life? Most new people don’t.

I’m grateful I made that decision, not just for the future of the blog but for myself as well. 12 months ago I was struggling with my life not being everything I thought it would be. I’d been married for seven years and we were in our third year trying for a baby. My career was a nothing after leaving an industry I was highly trained and effective in {abruptly} and I found myself pretty much retired. I needed something for me. Something that would make me feel like me.

It turns out the talking confidence, style and health for everyone is my thing. Changing the direction of this blog focused my attention, made me look inwards and dig out the underlying issues I had, it made me focus on me and how I planned to be effective in this life. This blog has cemented the way I feel about myself and others around me. It has questioned my ideas on health, bodies, media and style. I find myself being braver, stronger and having more fun.

And it all came together here.  

So, right. Here we are, let’s talk colour clash. I got a little sidetracked down memory lane there. Colour clash! Oh my goodness, right!? I’m not sure about you but I’m way too casual to wear this sort of look too often. It’s just so darn BRIGHT. Confronting it turns out. But lots and lots of fun. Trust me, there’s something about being a shining beacon of colour on colour that pushes your confidence buttons. Seriously, I thought I was pretty much done with feeling shy about my outfit choices until I wore this one out.

What I really wanted was a trench coat in the same shade as my boots to wrap around me and tone the whole thing down a little {if you find that trench, let me know!}. I felt shy but I did it anyway. I had chosen this outfit in my home and I was going to wear it anywhere I wanted to wear it. Eeeek! That’s the difference in the last year. LAst year I wouldn’t have worn this. Last year I would’ve taken it back off and wore something else. Last year, I was pretty cool. This year, I’m awesome. That’s why I wanted the share that stuff above, because I hope for the same thing for you.

Top – Autograph
Skirt – Virtu {birthday present!}
Necklace & Earrings – Op Shop WIN
Boots – Bare Foot Tess



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