I love the idea of big chunky knit sweaters, thrown on leather look leggings with soft curls cascading down my back, tasselled slouch messenger bag and soft suede boots for this week’s theme. It turns out that if I managed to put all that together and wear it someone in the current weather I would probably die. Never mind check your elderly neighbours and pets, check the fashion bloggers! Passed out and frail from the dream of a perfect outfit. Suffering for their posts. Save the fashion bloggers!

Errr, jokes aside, you should totally check the elderly neighbours and pets in this heat. Really. Do it.  

So given my predictions of a warm and sweaty death at the hands of too much layering, I opted for something a little more weather friendly. Something that would suit the 40+ degree days and balmy nights. This dress has a crinkled texture to it that totally fulfils the brief for the theme.  It’s something that I threw together for a night out and had to recreate for you all. You’re so welcome. Please, PLEASE ignore my tired eyes and crazy hair. What can I say, I’m a little hung over. Awkward.

Dress – Old Navy {swapped}
Shoes – Peter Morrisay for Big W
Sash – From another dress

{no brand associations apply}

Check the ladies out!


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