So strapless week hey. Well that Danimezza has a lot to answer for in my opinion. Strapless is very much not my thing. When looking for wedding dresses the idea of strapless did my head in. I FEEL like a line backer. You know those guys who play gridiron with the big ass pads on their shoulders? One of those guys. Not something I tend to want to emulate in my wardrobe. In saying that, that’s me, my shape {what do they call an upside down triangle anyway?}, it works so beautifully on others. But this being a challenge, here I go. Maxi skirt pulled up to the wahzoo, belted for definition.

There is not really much to say about this except I love, love these photos by Dani. The light, the colours and the way she made my Lily & Lou maxi skirt look a million bucks. I was nervous too. There is something daunting about a giant lens pointed at you even if it is being held by a friend. Dani did a beautiful job of coaxing that out of me and getting me laughing again. Especially when the tree whipped me in the face with its dangly bits.

Black Maxi Skirt {Worn as Dress} – Lily & Lou for Best & Less
Belt – City Chic {2009}
Shoes – Rubi Shoes {2010}
Necklace – Wildbling

{no brand associations currently exist}

Photos by Danimezza.

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