So it’s spike week… Hmmm. I love the idea of spikes. I particularly LOVE the shoes with spikes. However the one time I owned a pair I managed to kick myself in the shin and cause all sorts of pain and a bit of minor bleeding. Needless to say, I avoid them. Mostly. I was preparing to sit out spike week when it occurred me that I own some spike heels. The pointy kind. I decided to wear those.

I had the red and black of the same style sitting out so they were an obvious shoe choice all last week. They stared at me until I wore the black ones to work. Mmmm pointy goodness. But the sun was long gone before Hubby made it home so no photos. What to do..? I waited. Would I get another chance? Had I just missed my one and only spike post opportunity!? Then the mailman arrived with packages..!

One of them was from 17 Sundays featuring the blouse from the Nocturne collection. I’d requested the XL believing I was a large and wanting to size up for a more relaxed tunic style fit. Errr, it turns out that the ladies from the brand thought I was nuts but did what I requested so it’s rather generous on me. Lots generous given it’s a size 26. But I’m a determined little stinker so I refused to send it back {love at first sight} and committed to making it work.

Which it totally does, right? Spike week was saved!

Let’s Run Shirt – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Elastic Ponte Pants – Target {gifted}
Shoes – Woman by Peter Morrissey for BigW {2012}
Belt – ASOS Curve



Fit note – Shirt: I’ve bloused over the sleeves after rolling them up. The sleeves have the same leather look on the cuff with buttons and are a full length sleeve. Wearing a size 26, my standard size is a 20/22.


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