Morning Aussie Curves stalkers! How are we all doing out there today? I wanted to speak to you directly because I am a little afraid you might feel like you’ve seen this outfit before. I guess, in some ways you have. Sort of. I wore this coral peplum top with black for the Sparkle post. Like I was telling Olivia over the weekend, I really don’t have THAT many clothes, I do a fair amount of recycling on here and I’m ok with that. When it came down to it there was just no better top to show off this gorgeous belt from TS14+in my wardrobe. Check it out for yourself.


It was a little windy. Can you tell?


We were back at the racecourse again on this cool, windy afternoon. I like going there when it’s empty of people. It’s like a little island in what is a fast filling area. Homes and units push against the gates almost now, this wasn’t always the case. I love to stand on the viewing deck and watch the lights come on. It seems quiet and still out there. It seems to quiet me a little too. It’s my version of a hilltop. Even though around here there are plenty of those too. It’s a little bit weird for your personal hilltop to be on a racecourse, right? How very me of me.


When it comes to skirts, I have plenty.


Mostly pencil skirts, a fair few maxi skirts as well. I plan to get some cute full skirts made so I can control the length and fabric and check the op shop for some too. Hubby even said to me this weekend that we should go and take a look. I wondered then just how often he was checking in to read this blog…. Very suspicious indeed. But I’m ok with that. My family is making plans to head to the coast for Christmas and the selection HAS to be better than ours is here. So wish me luck. Hopefully, I’ll have something a little more interesting than one more black work skirt to show for it.


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