Oh hey there Sugers. Did you miss me? It’s been a long time; one of the longest times this blog has ever sat without a post update. It wasn’t a deliberate break. I had all my gear with me, I even took these photos before my nap on Christmas day, blogging just didn’t happen. Such is life. Such is the way things go. Such is my new attitude. Not that I plan to blog less, I plan to blog and blog and blog this year. But I also plan to take time when I want to. I plan to relish my family and friends. Entertain more, visit more, learn more. I know you all will approve of the changes. I mean, how could you not, check out my happy face…



These shorts are from the 17 Sundays BASIC range. I picked them up, along with the matching dress {and a few other items} just before Christmas. I knew I would wear them to death at the beach. I did, sort of, I spent a lot of time laying around in the maxi dress. Shorts didn’t even really get a look in. Maxi all the way this summer for me. Again. But you know what I loved? I HAD cute shorts. Short shorts, cute shorts. I’m sure t least some other plus size ladies have had the same issues I have had finding them? The BigW coloured shorts were a score, but these, well, they are the holy grail.  And that’s me for this week. A happy, rested, revitalised me.



Tee – Lily & Lou for Best & Less
Shorts – 17 Sundays BASIC
Flip Flops – KMart

Who wears short shorts? Do you?



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