Sequins week sort of crept up on me. I don’t wear a lot of sparkle and would normally have picked up something from Liv’s wardrobe while I was at her place. It turns out, we went one better! Her birthday party was this weekend just gone and it was DISCO themed. Hello sequins, big hair and glitter. I knew I was sorted! Score. So with a cape made of jersey micro sequins I was ready to party the night away AND for sequins week.

There was one small problem.

I was using Liv’s camera all night and got no real outfit photos. Just a lot of festive hugging and partying ones. Face palm. But I’m a resourceful girl so we are going to make do with what we have. The show must go on and all that. Haha. Speaking of the show, I had THE BEST time at this party. I just love Liv’s parties. Ben, you too! It’s funny that almost everyone at the party asked how I’d met Liv. The rest having been friends for a while, I stood out, I think. I loved saying, through our BLOGS! We met through our blogs.

I love that. Love her. Love him. Loved this party. Love {even if they are a little cringe worthy} these photos. So here we go! Enjoy.

aussie curves sequin disco party (3) aussie curves sequin disco party (4) aussie curves sequin disco party (5)

Sequins baby, check out the other curve’ers.


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